The most popular used portals for sending /receiving online payments:
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Electronic Funds Transfer

Type                   Fee                 Duration
Bank Transfer      $0.50 USD       2-5 business days
Bank Wire           $15.00 USD      3-4 business days


Type         Fee              Duration
Check       $4.00 USD     1-2 business days
Options                                   Processing Time        Cost

Withdraw funds to your bank
account Banks in India              5-7 Business Days      Free for Rs.7,000.00 INR or more
                                                                             Rs.50.00 INR for Rs.6,999.99 INR or less 

Banks in the U.S.                     3-4 Business Days      Free
for banks in the U.S.

Request a check from PayPal    4 - 6 Business Days    $5.00 USD

Withdraw funds to your card     5-7 business Days     $5.00 USD